MUV product range expanded with new Trolley Retrieval module

A pedestrian operated solution for retrieving & collecting trolleys

Further widening their new MUV range of industrial electric tug solutions, Nu-Star is delighted to announce the launch of their latest Trolley Retrieval module.

Specifically designed to enable a single pedesterian operator to collect and retrieve trolleys in supermarket car parks, airports, shopping centres, shopping malls and other similar locations, the MUV-Trolley Retrieal is fitted with an adjustable front attachment which can be quickly set to capture the rear castors of a single trolley, thereby enabling subsequent trolleys to be 'nested' to the front of the machie and create a line of trolleys.

When empty the MUV is operated by hand from the tillerhead and when loaded the operator steers the line of trolleys from the front and operates the MUV tug by radio control.

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