Welcome to Nu-Star and our range of pedestrian operated electric tugs

Our safe and efficient products include the well known Power Pusher, PowerTug & Super Power Pusher models but, as you will see on this site, new products are regularly being added to the range.

As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), we design and manufacture all of the electric vehicles you will see on this website. 

With over 35,000 units sold, our products may be found working all over the world across a wide spectrum of industries. Whatever the material handling application, our maxim "If it rolls, we can move it" applies.

If you already know which Product you are interested in then, please, go directly to the Products Page. 

If you are looking for solution to a particular material handling application then, please choose the most appropriate from the illustrations below.

Typical Material Handling Applications
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Tailored Solution ?

Perhaps you are at the design phase of a new project or, you have not seen the exact solution that you require on our website and just do not know how you are going to move a load.

We regularly collaborate with many of our customers to either quickly adapt any of our existing machines or, to innovate entirely new machines as a means of solving such challenges.

The first stage of this process is for us to understand as much as possible about your application. You can start this process by completing the Detailed Enquiry Form.

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